The Book the Da Vinci Code is a publishing phenomenon, selling more then 40 million copies, a New York Times bestseller for more then 50 weeks. The Da Vinci Code has caused many to rethink their whole concept of Christianity.   Just why is this book so popular?  Why is there such a fuss being made about a novel?


What is the Da Vinci Code?


The book is a murder mystery suspense novel, taking place in Paris and London.

The story is built around “Facts” that reveal the hidden identity of Jesus.


These “Facts” reveal:

 •   That Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene who had a child who escaped to France.

 •   Mary Magdalene was to head the church, but Peter and the other disciples took over.

 •   Jesus was turned into “God” in order to protect the patriarchal system, the Catholic Church along with the rest of Christianity has worked together to maintain this 2000-year cover up.

 •   The secret of Jesus’ “True Identity” is maintained by a group known as the “Priory of Sion” that has existed since 1099.

 •   Documents found in Paris in 1975 confirm its existence.

 •  Sir Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci were Grand Masters in this organization.


Another Trojan Horse?


    To understand the impact of this book, we can use the example of the Trojan Horse, a gift to the city of Troy by the Greeks.

            In the Trojan War, the armies of Greece were unable to conquer the city of Troy after ten years of battle. Using a stratagem, Epeius, master carpenter and warrior, built a huge wooden horse as an offering to the goddess Athena. The horse was left behind while the armies of Greece pretended to sail back to Greece, instead they sailed away to a nearby island, Tenedos and waited.  The Greeks left behind Sinon, who persuaded the city of Troy to accept the gift of the horse, which would make the city of Troy impregnable, rejecting the warnings of Lacoon and Cassandra, Troy brought the wooden Horse into the city.  During the night, warriors inside the horse emerged and opened the gates to the returning Greek army, which then conquered the city. The Da Vinci Code is a modern day, “Trojan Horse” attack on Christianity. 


What's the Big Deal?


            While most murder, mystery novels would not cause much of a stir, the difference here is about the claims in the very first pages of this book.  Prior to the prologue, the book makes a claim of fact.  Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code claims these facts.

  • The Priory of Sion was a secret organization founded in 1099 whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo and Leonardo da Vinci. This is based on discovered parchments known as Les Dossiers Secrets[1] found in 1975 at Paris’s Bibliotheque National.
  • The Opus Dei is a devout Catholic sect who recently completed construction of their $47 million dollar headquarters on 243 Lexington Avenue. New York City.
  • All descriptions of secret rituals, artwork, architecture and documents are real.


Does Dan Brown believe the facts?


Dan Brown was interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show, who asked, “How much of this is based on reality in terms of things that actually occurred?”

Brown responded, “Absolutely all of it. Obviously Robert Langdon is fictional, but all of the art, architecture, secret rituals, secret societies—all of that is historical fact.[2]. "

  1. The Book is presented as a novel; therefore, Brown has no footnotes to question his claims.
  2. The “Fact” statement allows the reader to assume the “Facts” in the book are true except for the fictional story line.
  3. The reader then gives consent to these “Facts” allowing false claims about history, Jesus and Christianity to be weaved into the story


The Da Vinci Code Plot


    The Da Vinci Code begins with the death of Jacques Sauniere, curator of the Louvre in Paris, by an assassin who later turns out to be huge albino monk named Silas, who is part of Opus Dei. While dying, Sauniere manages to leave a cryptic message on the museum floor. He writes the name Robert Langdon. Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor in Paris giving a talk at the American University. Landon’s name on the floor makes him suspect number one for French police.

Paris police captain Bezu Fache, suspects Langdon is the Jacques Sauniere’s murderer, and he brings Langdon to the crime scene.

     Later, at the crime scene, agent Sophie Neveu a cryptographer and the secret estranged granddaughter of Jacques Sauniere, arrives, knowing they suspect Robert Langdon, she helps him escape from the Paris police.

    After escaping from police, they begin a journey searching for meaning behind her grandfather’s final message, racing to find “Secret documents” before the Catholic Church destroys them.


While hiding in the Louvre, before their escape, Robert Langdon explains to Sophie about Leonardo Da Vinci, painter of the Mona Lisa, how he was secretly part of an organization called


    The Priory of Sion, a secret organization responsible for preserving the truth about the “Real Jesus”. (Page 113)

     The Church wanted to eliminate the “Sacred Feminine” the goddess aspect of early Christianity, and maintain a patriarchal system (Page 46,116) Professor Langdon informs Sophie,


     "But Leonardo Da Vinci in his artwork preserved the “Sacred Feminine” or Goddess worship--- (Page 113)"


     Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Boticelli were all Grand Masters in the Priory of Sion they were responsible for preserving the “True” identity of Jesus to be released in the future. (Page 113)

    During their escapes from the museum, Professor Langdon explains to Sophie about the so-called “Holy Grail” documents, the Sangreal,[3] found under the Temple-Mount[4] by Godefroi de Bouillon in 1099 when the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem.

     These documents Brown claims reveal the “Holy Grail” is not a chalice cup used at the last supper but Mary Magdalene[5] herself, who preserved Jesus’ royal family line before he died on the cross.  The organization founded by succeeding knights known as the “Knights Templar”, they were given unlimited powers by the Popes. The Templars lived in Solomon’s Stables under the Temple mount site. 

       Brown claims they found thousands of documents proving Jesus’ real identity and his relationship with Mary Magdalene, these documents made them very powerful, to the point where the Pope Clement V and France’s King Philippe IV destroyed them and confiscated their property on Friday 13th, October 1307[6]. These documents, known as the Sangreal escaped destruction and are in hiding, with only the Priory of Sion having knowledge of their location.

    Robert and Sophie find refuge in the estate of Royal British historian, Sir Leigh Teabing, he confirms the words of Langdon, and adds the following to the innocent Sophie.

Teabing, continues…


“The Bible is a product of man my dear. Not God” (Page 231)


“More then 80 gospels were considered for the New Testament, and yet only a few were chosen” (Page 231)


Constantine…held a gathering known as the council of Nicea….(325 A.D.) Until that moment in history Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet…not the Son of God. (Page 233)


 “Fortunately for historians…Some of the gospels that Constantine attempted to eradicate managed to survive. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the 1950’s hidden in a cave near Qumran…and of course the Coptic scrolls in 1945 at Nag Hamadi”…(Page 234)


“I shan’t bore you with the countless references to Jesus and Magdalene’s union….Magdalene was recast as a whore in order to erase evidence of her powerful family ties” (Pages 247,249)


    They leave Teabing’s estate and head toward England on Teabing's personal jet, evading French Police…On the Jet Sophie explains why she was estranged from her grandfather…

Sophie explains to Robert Langdon how she came one day to surprise her grandfather at his country estate, and found him in the center of the room, surrounded by people, having sexual intercourse….


Langdon calms her and explains….


“Hieros Gamos…it means sacred marriage. Physical union with the female remained the sole achieve gnosis..” (Pages 308-309)


    Teabing, Sophie and Professor Langdon arrive in England and fail to find the thousand’s of pages of evidence…proving Jesus’ true identity….But Langdon explains to Sophie about faith and religion…


“The New Testament is based on fabrications…every faith is…based on fabrications…Jesus was not born of a literal virgin birth….Those who truly understand their faiths understand the stories are metaphorical” (Pages 341-342)


The Story behind the Story


Brown’s assault on Christianity in the novel, the Da Vinci Code raises several questions that need to be answered.


  1. Is the book accurate?
  2. Are the “Priory of Sion” and their documents discovered in Paris in 1975 real?
  3. Who are the Gnostics and What are the “Gnostic Gospels”
  4. Who was Mary Magdalene?
  5. Did Constantine and the Church turn Jesus into God?
  6. Is the Bible from God?



1. Is the book accurate?


The Book is filled with historical and factual errors. Here are just a few to make the point.  If this book is wrong on such minor points why would anybody trust it for eternal issues?


Ø          Brown’s Error: The book claims there are 666 panes of glass on the pyramid outside the Louvre.  The Museum says there are 673.      (Page 21)


Ø          Brown’s Error: The book claims the Olympics were held for Venus in 8-year cycles but they were actually held for Zeus in 4-year cycles.      (Page 36)


Ø          Brown’s Error: Mona Lisa is an androgynous portrait representing the fusing of male and Female (Page 120)

       However, Mona Lisa is a young Florentine woman who in 1495 married the well-known figure, Francesco del Giocondo, and thus came to be known as ``La Gioconda'‘.  This is confirmed by the discovery of documentation in Florence, Italy archives.  She had five children and two became nuns. 


Ø          Brown’s Error: Sir Isaac Newton was a secret “Goddess Worshipper”.  Yet it is well known that he was a devout Christian …who wrote a commentary on the book of Daniel and Revelation and calculated the physical return of Christ between the years 2000 and 2050


Ø          Brown’s Error:  The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the 1950’s and included the Gospels.  History clearly show that these scrolls were found in 1948 and there were no Gospels found there.


Ø          Brown’s Error: The Gnostic Gospel, The Gospel of Philip was not written in Aramaic as the  Da Vinci Code implies but in Coptic, translated from Greek. (Page 246)



2. “The Priority of Sion” and the “Les Dossier Secret “


The Priory of Sion”—a European secret society founded in 1099?  (Fact Page)

n       First one was founded in Jerusalem about 1100 ceased to exit in 1617, absorbed by the Jesuits.

n       2nd and 3rd by Frenchman, Pierre Plantard (1920-2000)

n       Founded by Pierre Plantard 1954, 1962

n       An anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi sympathizer, Frenchman jailed for fraud in 1953

n       Named after a nearby mountain in Geneva, with the purpose of defending low cost housing

n       Dissolved in 1957 but Plantard held on the name and started the 2nd  “Priory of Sion” in early 1960’s, he became obsessed with idea of being an occult master and a descendant of kings.


n       1960’s and 1970’s Plantard created forged documents proving the bloodline from Mary Magdalene, making himself a descendent of Mary Magdalene…and the Kings of France.


Priory of Sion


    The first point we need to address, is the very foundation of this book, the claim of fact on “Fact” page.  The book claims too very important facts. These two facts are the basis behind the whole book. They are the very foundation this book is built upon.

            First the existence of this secret organization known as the Priory of Sion, an organization dating back to the year 1099 entrusted with keeping the documents about Jesus’ preserved to be released at a later date.

            Secondly, the discovery of Les Dossier Secret parchments in 1975 at the Bibliotheque Nationale. These documents detail the membership in the Priory of Sion identifying Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and others. They are the Grandmasters involved in preserving these secret documents.

            Dan Brown relies on a 1982 publication, Holy Blood, Holy Grail as the source of information on the Priory of Sion. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail depended on documents provided to them by Pierre Plantard, an anti-Semitic Frenchman who was jailed for fraud in 1953. Plantard and three other men started a small social club in 1954 called the Priory of Sion, taking the name from a nearby mountain.  Their club dissolved in 1957, but Plantard held on to the name. He started a second Priory of Sion in the early 1960’s and tried to establish himself as the King of France.

            Throughout the 1960’s and the 1970’s Plantard created a series of documents “proving” the existence of a bloodline descending from Mary Magdalene, through the kings of France, down to the present day to include ---(surprise!) Pierre Plantard.  He began using the name Plantard de Saint-Clair, saying the Saint-Clairs were direct descendents of the line of Jesus and Mary.

            In 1993, Plantard’s name came up in light of a political scandal involving a close friend of then French president Francois Mitternad.  Plantard had, in one of his lists of the Priory of Sion, listed Roger-Patrice Pelat as a Grand master.  When called before the court to testify, Plantard, under oath, admitted he had made up the whole Priory scheme.   The court ordered a search of Plantard’s house, which revealed further documents that proclaimed Plantard to be the true king of France.  The judge gave Plantard a stern warning and dismissed him as a harmless crank.

    Regarding the Priory of Sion, the following points demonstrate it's fabrication, so why would anybody give credit to a forgery, let alone put their soul on the line?

n       Documents forged by Pierre Plantard deposited in the Bibliotheque Nationale (National Library) in Paris.

n       Les Dossier Secrets d’Henri Lobineau (The Secret Records of Henri Lobineau)

n       False report created in 1967 by Plantard and his associates,

n       The full title includes the name of

   “Henri Lobineau”, Brown is not honest on his “Fact Page”


Les Dossier Secret

    In his preface, Dan Brown states: 'The secret society of the Priory of Sion was founded in 1099, after the First Crusade. In 1975, parchments referred to as 'Dossiers Secrets' were discovered at the Bibliothèque Nationale, which mention the names of certain members of the Priory, including Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo and Leonardo Da Vinci'. These events, which Dan Brown presents as the truth, are simply untrue. The Priory of Sion was founded in June 1956 by Pierre Plantard, who at that time was working as a draughtsman at the Chanovin works in Annemasse. As for the 'Dossiers Secrets', they were forged and filed with the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris by Pierre Plantard in the 1960s. The French journalist Jean-Luc Chaumeil unmasked Plantard's imposture in the 1980s and published several books on the subject. He also collaborated with BBC2 on a TV program which was broadcast in 1996, and which presented evidence demolishing the whole story. But it would seem that Dan Brown has not taken any account of this. The novelist has also not hesitated to make his heroine Sophie Neveu the descendant of the families Plantard and Saint-Clair (a name that Pierre Plantard adopted in 1975), who themselves were descended from the Merovingians, and who are presented in the novel as the descendants of the marriage of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene...

     The basis of the Da Vinci Code is a hoax created by Pierre Plantard.

  Knowing that the Priory of Sion, and the Les Dossier Secret are both fabrications of Pierre Plantard, why would anybody put their soul online with such forgeries.

    If we put aside the these facts, let's continue to answer the other charges made by Brown’s characters. Professor Langdon and British Royal Historian Leah Teabing.



3. Were the Gnostic Gospels Part of Christianity?


n       Gnosis means “To Know” Gnostics believed that salvation was attained through attaining knowledge.

n       Pagan mythology and philosophies began to fall with the spread of Christianity

n       Temple-prostitutes would facilitate worship with Aphrodite/Venus, Ishtar, Astoria.

n       The Churches at Pergamum and Thyatira were warned about proto-Gnostic and sexual immorality


    On the acknowledgments page, Dan Brown thanks those who helped him complete this book, one of those mentioned is the Gnostic Society Library.   The Da Vinci Code champions the Gnostic Gospels, their view of Christianity, their sexual orgies and claims “Orthodox” Christianity stole Jesus from the original Gnostic followers.


Who are the Gnostics and what are the Gnostic Gospels?



    The word Gnostic is derived from the Greek word Gnosis meaning “To Know”.  Gnostics believed that salvation was attained through the attaining knowledge.   After Christianity started to spread throughout the Greek and Roman worlds, Pagan ideas and theology began to fall out of favor.

             Acts 19 is a great example of when people began to burn the sorcery scrolls in public and stopped buying statues of the temple goddess Artemis in about 54 A.D. where Paul was preaching. 


18 And many who had believed came confessing and telling their deeds.

19 Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.

Acts 19:18-20


This scene was repeated throughout the Greek and Roman worlds, one way pagans tried to combat the growing Christian faith was to incorporate Greek pagan mystery rites into Judea-Christian package.

     We see these warnings to the churches in Revelation, especially Pergamum and Thyatira.  In Thyatira, we have a so called prophetess, who is teaching sexual immorality and idol practices. This would be one of the many proto-Gnostic movements that would eventually spread throughout the Christian world.


20 "Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

21 "And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent.

22 "Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds.

Revelation 2:20-21


n      The Gnostic took Christian names and terms and rebuilt Greek paganism.

n       The God of the Old Testament was a God of the Jews and a low level evil angel who trapped mankind in a physical body. They called him,  “The Blind one”, “Demiurge” the lesser power.

n       Jesus came to deliver “Gnosis” knowledge from the “All-Father” the unknown God.

n       Christ did not die on the Cross, but only a phantom.


The Gnostics took on familiar names and terminology but with much different theology.  They believed their was an unknown All-Father, and Mother God.  This goddess was referred to as Sophia.  They believed all souls originally lived in a spiritual realm of light, the Pleroma, until they were imprisoned in physical bodies on the earth.  Flesh and all matter were viewed as intrinsically evil.

   Gnostic “Salvation” equated liberation of the soul from the body—the freeing of the inner spirit from the confines of matter. Such liberation could only be achieved through “Gnosis” which brought about the detachment from the evil world (similar to Buddhism). To achieve this enlightenment, one needed to know the truth about God, (All-Father), himself and life.

     Ancient Gnostics preached two gods, a good deity of light and an evil deity of darkness.  The good deity (The Principle, or All-Father) was seen as the epitome of love. This God was responsible for creating the other god.  This evil god, the demiurge, is the one who created the physical world, He is the God of the Old Testament.  This evil God of the Jews, who favored the Jews, seeks to impede human souls from returning to God and returning to the Divine.  The good God is utterly removed from the world, he is unknowable.  But through sexual intercourse, the bridal chamber, man can return fo the Plemoria and become one with the Divine.







All who put their faith in Christ

Those attain secret “Gnosis”



Died on the Cross for sins

of humanity

Did not die on the Cross…Phantom/Subsitute died on the Cross



Christ was God in the Old Testament…who entered humanity (John 1:18)

God of the Old Testament is a demon who has trapped spirit being in physical bodies


Jesus was God from eternity past,  dwelling in flesh

Came into existence from All-father and Sophia (Goddess)


The All-Father, however, did send a Redeemer—Jesus.  But the Gnostic Jesus, unlike the Jesus of the Bible, was not a Savior who died form sins.  He was the bringer of “Gnosis”. According to many Gnostics he was a completely spiritual being separate from the flesh, because he was really projecting a phantom body.

The mission of the Gnostic Jesus was to:

1. Reveal the truth about our “Former State”—a state that people have forgotten and point the way back to God.

2. Release the divine spark of light imprisoned in matter.


  1. Gnostic Gospel’s were named after known bible characters to justify “Gnostic” doctrines
  2. Gnostic works contradicted the Both Old and New Testament scriptures…The God of the Old Testament was viewed as an evil demon and the serpent as good.
  3. Gnostic works were not connected to the Apostles…but battled their teachings
  4. Gnostic works quoted from the scriptures to weave in their doctrines…but the scriptures do not quote from Gnostic works.


The quickest way to have the Gnostic teaching accepted by the masses was to attach the names of Apostles to their writings.  Hence the names Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Thomas and Gospel of Mary were used to gain acceptance for the Gnostic teachings. The earliest dates for these Gnostic works date from the earl 2nd and 3rd century.

     In December 1945 near the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, a peasant came across scrolls and texts, dating back to the fourth century.  They included poems, myths, mysticism and what some call the “Secret Gospels”

  • The Gospel of Thomas
  • The Gospel of Philip
  • The Gospel of Truth
  • The Gospel of the Egyptians
  • The Apocalypse of Peter
  • The Apocalypse of Paul
  • The Letter of Peter to Philip
  • The Thunder, Perfect Mind
  • Testimony of Truth

The texts reject the Genesis account of creation, the Creator God is mocked as a blind fool. He is called the Demiurge, the lesser God. 

The Gospel of Egyptians was used by the Gnostic sect, called Nasenes, meaning Serpent. 


The Valentinians…boast they possess more Gospels than there really are. Indeed, they have arrived at such a pitch of audacity as to entitle their comparatively recent writing “The Gospel of Truth”, though it agrees in nothing with the Gospels of the apostles, so that they have really no Gospel which is not full of blasphemy.

  Irenaeus (Against Heresy 3.11.9)


4. Who was Mary Magdalene?


  'One particularly troubling theme kept recurring in the [Gnostic] gospels.  Mary Magdalene….More specifically, her marriage to Jesus Christ”  (Davinci Code..Pg. 244)


  'The Gospel of Philip says that “‘the companion of the Savior is Mary Magdalene. Christ loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on her mouth.  The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said to him, “Why do you love her more than all of us?” ’…As any Aramaic scholar will tell you, the word companion in those days, literally meant spouse.'  (Da Vinici Code page 246)


The basis Brown uses for this claim is the Gnostic Gospels, specifically The Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Phillip,  neither contain any mention of Jesus’ marriage to Mary, nor do any of the Gnostic Gospels.  Brown’s argument for Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene tries to infer that Jesus married marry from a line in the Gospel of Philip. 


n       Using the Gnostic “Gospel of Philip” and “Mary Magdalene as the Da Vinci Code argues that Mary was Jesus’ wife (Page 244,246)

n       Both were Gnostic works which tried to subvert Christianity back to Greek paganism.

n       The main sacrament in the “Gospel of Philip” was the bridal chamber, which was the way to redemption.

n       The “Bridal Chamber” was sexual mystery rite, in which the new member would have the right to watch only after he became  a “Bridegroom” or “Bride” or “Heiros Gamos”

n       “Let the others yearn just to listen to her voice and enjoy her ointment…..Bridegrooms and brides belong to the bridal chamber.  No one shall be able to see the bridegroom with the bride unless one becomes one.” Gospel of Philip


The Da Vinci Code would have us believe, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were participants in these sex-rites of the Gnostics. The Jesus of the Da Vinci Code is the Gnostic Jesus.


Mary Magdalene was part of a group of women who were followers of Christ along with the disciples.  She was a witness to his resurrection and healing but nowhere in the Gospels is any marriage even hinted at in the slightest.  Jesus healed Mary Magdalene of demonic possession, the idea that Mary was the harlot of Luke 7:36-50 is only made because Mary Magdalene is mentioned in Luke chapter 8, following the story of the adulterous women in Luke 7:36-50.

        But the adulterous women of Luke 7 is not noted for demonic possession, but for adultery, she is told, “Go and sin no more”, there is no mention of demonic possession, therefore Mary Magdalene is not the same women. 

        Mary was just part of a group that followed Jesus and witnessed his works, death  and resurrection.


Now it came to pass, afterward, that He went through every city and village, preaching and bringing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And the twelve were with Him,

and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities-Mary called Magdalene, out of whom had come seven demons,

and Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others who provided for Him from their substance 

Luke 8:1-3



          Healed from demonic possession

          Accompanied other women, including the married   Joanna, and Jesus’ Mother

          Witnessed and heard Christ speak

          Provided supplies to His ministry, along with others


Mary witnessed both the death and resurrection of Christ, and was one of many witnesses. Mary stood along side Jesus’ mother at the cross. She was the first person to see Christ resurrected from the tomb.  Mary is seen as part of a group of women that includes Mary the mother of Jesus.


Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, and His mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene  John 19:25

Now when the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices, that they might come and anoint Him.

Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons.  Mark 16:1,9

Christ ministry was not limited to just men but all people, including women.  Mary is a perfect example of the grace of Christ.  She was a women possessed by seven demons, who was forgiven and made an integral part of Church. Her name is included in all the Gospels.  She is witnesses of the crucifixion and resurrection, as well as the power of spiritual healing.  Regarding Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus, the following points can sum this up.

n       Mary Magdalene represented 50% of humankind.

n       She was given an important role as a witnesses to who Jesus was. She witnessed his teaching, death and resurrection

n       She is a picture of God’s grace, having been at one time possessed by seven demons.

n       Contrary to Brown’s claim, she was given an exalted place in the Church as the first person to see the resurrected Christ.

n       The Mary Magdalene of  the Da Vinci Code would have us accept would be a “Bridal Chamber” Bride…someone having a public act of sex.   (Hieros Gamos) “Sacred Marriage”


5.  Did Constantine and the Church turn Jesus into a God?



"Constantine…held a gathering known as the council of Nicea…(325 A.D.)…Until that moment in history Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet…not the Son of God…Jesus’ establishment as the ‘Son of God’ was…a relatively close vote " (Page 233) The DaVinci Code


The nature of the Messiah was not based on what Peter or the Disciples wanted, but what was foretold in the Old Testament, which predated both Peter and the Church.

The Council of Nicea 325 A.D. was not a close vote, and was not about the Gnostic Gospels.  Our friend Sir Leigh Teabing, the British historian really missed his history classes.


Fact: The Council of Nicea (325 A.D.) was not a close vote, 300 bishops from throughout the Empire arrived to discuss Arius, teaching that the Son was created, and therefore not God incarnate, the vote was 300 to 2…not close at all. Arius did not believe the Son was mortal but the first of creation.


Regarding Christ (Messiah), the New Testament confirms what the Old Testament revealed about His Nature. The Messiah being God incarnate is not a New Testament doctrine, but an Old Testament Doctrine, fulfilled in Jesus Christ.


n       The nature of Messiah foretold in the Old Testament was two-fold.


n       Suffering Servant who would die for the sins of the world.


n       Conquering King who rule the earth for eternity and would one day judge the world.


For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.                  

 Isaiah 9:6

 700 B.C.


13. "I was watching in the night visions, And behold, One like the Son of Man, Coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days, And they brought Him near before Him.

14Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, That all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, Which shall not pass away, And His kingdom the one Which shall not be destroyed.

Daniel 7:13-14

    562 B.C.


9 "It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

10"And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.

Zechariah 12:9-10

 520 B.C.


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2He was in the beginning with God.

3All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

 John 1:1-3,


n        John 10:31-33,

n       Hebrews 1:8-9


6. Is the Bible from God?


This is charge often made about the Bible, by those who are not familiar with its words, the Bible unlike any other book has the fingerprints of God.  We can all proclaim what happened today and what happened yesterday, but we can’t foretell what is coming tomorrow or even a thousand years from now.  We are limited by our nature. 

            This is what separates the Bible from any other book written by man, which claims divine authorship.  The Bible reveals events thousands of years before they happen as proof of its divine origin.


4 Because I knew that you were obstinate, And your neck was an iron sinew, And your brow bronze,

5 Even from the beginning I have declared it to you; Before it came to pass I proclaimed it to you, Lest you should say, 'My idol has done them, And my carved image and my molded image Have commanded them.'

Isaiah 48:4-5


Ø          550 Years Before His Birth Daniel foretold the death of Messiah.


"And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself; And the people of the prince who is to come Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end of it shall be with a flood, And till the end of the war desolations are determined.

           Daniel 9:26


Ø          Jesus would be rejected by His people and die for the sins of mankind, but would be exalted.  700-Years Before His Birth


"Behold, My Servant shall deal prudently; He shall be exalted and extolled and be very high.

14Just as many were astonished at you, So His visage was marred more than any man, And His form more than the sons of men;

 Isaiah 52:13-14


But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

And they made His grave with the wicked-But with the rich at His death, Because He had done no violence, Nor was any deceit in His mouth.

 Isaiah 53:5,9


Description of Evidence


Super-natural nature

Greatness of Abraham


Genesis 12:2-3  Abraham

Was promised to:

* Be source for a great nation

* Have a great name

* All peoples on the earth to

  Be blessed through Him.

Genesis was written about 1450 BC by Abraham, was just one of

Many people who lived on the Earth.  Today over ½  the Earth’s 6 billion

People claim a connection to

Abraham including Muslims, Jews

 and Christians.  Both Jews and

Arab’s  Claim Abraham as the

 source their national identity.

Both Muslims, Christians and Jews

Claim descent and connection to

Abraham.  This prophecy was written

Well before the growth of Christianity

And Islam.  Abraham name became

great after Christianity spread 100

AD and Islam after 632 AD. 

If  15 billion people lived since the

beginning of the Human race, the odds

Of one man have a name of world wide

Distinction is 1 out of 15 billion. If the

Promise was recorded 3400 years

Before the event it is super-natural.



      Israel Scattered         

Deuteronomy 28:64

3450 years ago in

the Bible Israel as a nation

is told they will be dispersed

throughout the world and

suffer as a people for being


Two times in Israel’s history they

Were scattered as a nation, first

During the Babylonian captivity

(605, 598 and 587 BC) Jer 51.

Second, during the time of Roman

Occupation. 54 BC-638 AD

For a people to be scattered is a

A common event throughout history

As one people group takes land and

Settles in territory belonging to another.

Israel as a nation is scattered and

Gathered and then scattered again.

The condition of the people in their

Scattered condition is described in

Detail, yet they remain a distinct people

In the land of their captivity 

Israel Gathered

Deuteronomy 30:3

3450 years ago Israel is

promised to be gathered

back into the land promised

to Abraham

 after being scattered.

The gathering of Israel as a

Nation from the nations is repeated

throughout the scriptures Isaiah 11,

Isaiah 14:1-2, Isaiah 56:8, Jeremiah 30-31,

Ezekiel 36-37, Zechariah 10:6-12


Two times Israel has been gathered,

Once following the Babylonian

Captivity after the Persian defeat

Of Babylon in 539 BC by Cyrus

The second in our day with the

Creation of the state of Israel as

Jews from Europe, Africa, Asia,

North and South America founded

the state of Israel

The creation of the state of Israel was

Result of two world wars. First the

Muslim powers were defeated and

Only after ½ the world’s Jewish

Population was killed in the Holocaust

Would the nations agree to allowing

A Jewish state to exist, in May 1948

Israel came into existence the first time

A Jewish state existed in 2000 years.

For a people to maintain national

Identity after 1900 years and to be

Gathered back into their land is

Amazing enough…But for the event

To be written about even before they

Were a nation is super-natural.

Jerusalem Focus

Of World attention

Zechariah 12:3 foretells

Jerusalem as the

Center of worldwide


We are told that Jerusalem will

Be a burden for the world and the

Object of conflict. The nations of the

World will be at war with the

Descendents of Israel.

Over ½ the Earth population view

Jerusalem as spiritually significant.

2500 years ago when Jerusalem was

just a small regional city Zechariah told

about the coming day when all then

nations will burden themselves with

the possession of the city.

Temple destroyed

The destruction of the

Jewish temple following

The death of Jesus was

Foretold in Daniel 9:26

And Matthew 24:2

In 70 AD the Roman empire destroys

The Jewish Temple.  Every stone

Was throne down as Roman soldiers

Looked for melted gold.

  The destruction of the

Temple along each stone being

Taken down was recorded 600 years

Before this event,  Messiah was to

Be cut off.

600 years before the event we are told

about the destruction following the

cutting off of the Messiah.  Jesus

claimed to be Messiah

 and as a result 2 billion

people,1/3 of the earth’s population are

connected to the city of Jerusalem. How

Daniel could know the details of the

Temple’s destruction as well as it being

Connected with the Messiah being “Cut

Off” is super-natural.

Jews from Ethiopia

 Gathered.  In the

Second gathering

Jews living in Ethiopia are

Foretold to be gathered

to Israel ,2700 years ago in  Isaiah 11:11

this gathering was written about.

Operation Solomon in 1980

 and Exodus in 1991 rescued Jews

living in Ethiopia from extermination

and persecution.  The Jews there

have been traced back over 2000

years ago. 

Isaiah 11:11 specifically mentions Jews

From Cush (Ethiopia) as part of the

Gathering from the nations. 2700 years

Before the event 

Exact month & year

Messiah is killed.

70 Weeks of Daniel is a very

specific prophecy foretelling

the rejection and cutting off

of Messiah 570 years before the event.

Daniel 9:24-27

The 70 weeks of Daniel foretells the

Exact time Messiah would be cut-off.

Following a 483 year period (69

Weeks) after a command to rebuild

The walls and streets of Jerusalem

Was given to Nehemiah.

The Christian faith is the largest faith in

The World and centers on the Messiah

Being killed for the sins of the world.

570 before the death of Jesus, Daniel

foretold the exact time of Messiah being

cut-off with the Temple’s destruction

following his death.

[1] There were three known priory of sions, The First was a Roman Catholic monastic order founded in Jerusalem at the monastery of Our Lady of Mt. Zion in about 1100 AD. This order ceased to exist in 1617 when it was absorbed by the Jesuits.  The Second and Third can be traced to Frenchman Pierre Plantard (1920-2000).  The third was founded in the early 1960’s. They deposited forged papers in libraries including the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, in the hopes of bringing back the French Monarchy.

[2] Dan Brown, interview by Matt Lauer, The Today Show, NBC, 9 June 2003.

[3] ibid, pg. 162

[4] The Temple-Mount is the location where Solomon’s temple stood, The Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, rebuilt the Jewish exiles in Persia in 516 B.C. The Temple was remodeled by Herod and finally destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.  The Muslims built a building known as the Dome of the Rock over the location in 687. 

[5] Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, Doubleday, 2003 pg. 242, 257

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